FREEDOM: 100ML Eau de Parfum

Lasts 6-8 Hours

FREEDOM: 100ML Eau de Parfum

Lasts 6-8 Hours

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FREEDOM: Its an amazing 100ml EDP Pocket Perfume which is designed as per needs of today's traveller with richest environmental fragrances; Natural, Sexy and Energetic. (UNISEX PERFUME)

Using premium ingredients sourced from highly graded environments, this fragrance can withstand any form of wear and tear as you traverse through different time zones.

It’s a spark of life, where a thin rain of golden drops portraiting of a feeling traced between infinitesimal details and colors saturated with emotion, in one shade, with an enduring fruity/woody scent.

Freedom-100ml is an independent limited edition perfume whose motto has always been "Small is beautiful", alluding to true exclusivity and to a highly selective.


FREEDOM Perfumeto is one of the exclusive apparel perfume of Perfumeto specially for travellers. This is the real authentic fragrance with fame and undeniable quality for anyone to improve the mood and positively influence the ambiance of the self.


From the love of beauty, mysterious and precious fragrance is born which carries an expression, a memory, a feeling which pokes asleep desires- FREEDOM PERFUMETO.


When you open the cap of the bottle its like entering into an experience, be enchanted by the magical world, enraptured by an alchemy of sensations. The concept embodied in every detail is an invitation to abandon the obvious and discover the pleasure of a unique fragrance.



Created the premium perfume with the best ingredients and concentrated down to essences so it can deliver its full effect at every moment giving you a feeling you remember for rest of your life.

It’s all about luxury craftsmanship. Our forte is creating scents that focus on “aroma profile, evocative narratives, and the beauty of scent.” This super-cool Perfume plays off each sign’s dominant traits with scents meant to enhance or temper them.

It’s the richest form of fragrance “eau de parfum”. Its fragrance lasts upto 10 -12 hrs.

We’re fully committed to reducing our carbon footprint and support our country. The best part is we’re not using CFC in our perfumes.

When it comes to fragrance, just one whiff makes it clear why choosing a natural one is a no-brainer.

We are dedicated in maintaining the ecological balance in the globe and running a campaign “CRUELTY FREE INDIA” #crueltyfreeindia.

Crystal perfume bottles are hand finished, carefully annealed and rigorously inspected. These bottles can be recycled endlessly and the best part is we’re not adding plastics to our landfills and oceans.

All these perfumes are Made in India as per Indian weather that can be used in every season.

Each perfume smells of an experience and has a purpose that seeks to inspire its wearer to abandon the obvious and discover the pleasure of a unique perfume.


With a philosophy that aspires to be a lifestyle choice rather than a mere product that seeks to inspire its wearer to abandon the obvious and discover the pleasure of a unique perfume.

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₹ 1,999.00

₹ 1,099.00


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